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The major benefits of well executed Organic Strategies are a strong community, huge member culture, and a passionate tribe of members that welcome new members, and refer consistently. This course is comprehensive, templated, and a complete blueprint to optimising the Organic Reach of Instagram with content created specifically for FitPros. PLUS 5 amazing strategies laid out step by step to ensure you get 10 new clients every month with ZERO Ad spend. No paid ads.


Want more clients - consistently?

Want to streamline your sales?

Want more time in the day?

Want to understand how to get the most out of staff?

Want to know how to hire staff?

Completely overwhelmed with how to break through that glass ceiling to have the business you really know you want.

This is the course. It's our keystone product.

It covers it all with the Accountability we all know is what it REALLY takes to get results.

Just like in the gym, the programming, the meal plans, the workouts, it's only half the picture. You need the Coach to keep you accountable to showing up. You need the Coach to correct your form. You need a Coach to remind you you are not alone.

That's why your clients join the Gym. You need a Community and a Coach to get the most out of you and your business. Get a Business Transformation, just like you guarantee your clients a Body Transformation

That's how we GUARANTEE your results.


This group will push & challenge you and our team will hold you accountable. That is the secret of proximity, to be surrounded by people who will not let you give in, to listen to the excuses, the doubters. This is a group that will lift you up.

Application Only.

This Course is for the 1%

The FitPros that want to scale hard and fast.

The 1% that don't let anything stand in their way.

The 1% that will not accept mediocrity.

They know they are not normal

And they like it


We've been fortunate enough to work with over 10,000+ clients! See what we've

helped them achieve.


I'll give you the abridged version. RBT opened in 2011, we have opened over 20 gyms in 9 years, across 3 countries, we have run Online programs, Gym Programs, One on One PT, run Fitness Retreats, Business Retreats all over the world...

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"Just a quick update, in 6 days I've made 45 sales from 100 leads. I've been making calls from 9am - 8.30pm. I've paused the ads just to play catch up over the next day or so. Just wanted to say thanks for the help since the start of the program and I wouldn't have thought a few months ago I would have this many people registered two weeks before my boxing gym opens."

Darcy Ellis

One Percent Member

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