Top 5 Fitness Facebook Marketing Trends in 2020

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

Effective marketing is becoming more and more about making your message as personalised as possible. In today’s digital world, audiences are bombarded with hundreds of ads like never before. It only takes one google search ‘How to quickly lose 5 kg’ for your potential client to get all your competitors’ ads coming at them....What can you do to make yours stand out?


Here are top 5 Fitness Facebook Marketing Trends to consider when building your next campaign:


  1. Relatable visuals

Visuals are one way to get users’ attention and get them to ‘click’ - but only if they are relatable. ‘Picture-perfect’ photoshopped models are not getting as much attention as they used to as people are striving more for ‘real’ and ‘ordinary’. Images of real gym members (with their permission of course) and behind-the-scenes ‘live’ photos tend to generate higher click-through-rate these days in comparison to images portraying something that looks fake or ‘too good to be true’. Bonus point from Facebook here too - Facebook will be more likely to show your ad to more users if you enhance their experience, aka make them feel good about themselves. Setting realistic expectations by showing real people will be sure to contribute to that. 


The goal for businesses primarily working with ‘general population’ is to find that happy medium for your content to be relatable to your niche yet still inspiring in a positive way.

  1. Make them feel special

‘One fits all’ approach is so 2010. People are becoming more educated and less of them believe in generic solutions especially when it comes to fitness. Offering personalised workouts, customised nutrition plans, one-to-one coaching sessions is the way to go if you want to succeed.


It’s becoming a lot about self-care thanks to our current lifestyles of increased stress & anxiety. While there still are people who believe there is one magic pill that will help them lose those last 5 kg, many are looking for a holistic lifestyles, and comprehensive wellness solutions that will help them feel good in their bodies as well as cope with their daily stresses.

Interesting study has been conducted by Fitrated finding that 51% of a thousand people surveyed have skipped a workout due to a fear of judgement, with women accounting nearly 70% of that number…(If you’re still wondering why at Think Tank we always recommend running different ads for men & women!).  While catchy headlines like ‘lose belly fat’ still tend to stop people from scrolling quite effectively, it might be a good idea to shift your next headline towards encouraging people to look after their bodies & feel confident.

  1. Consistency. Landing pages

So you got your image right, created an inspiring copy...Got your user to click ‘Learn More’... and that’s where we need a conversion to happen. How do we make sure it does?

CONSISTENCY - the most basic marketing rule that many tend to overlook. You want your message to be consistent throughout your ad while also making sure people don’t lose their way on your landing page or forget what they got there for. Whether you are using lead forms or your own landing pages you want your message to reflect your Facebook ads copy. You don't want to confuse users with more new information but remind them why they’ve clicked and why they should share their details. Remember, we are dealing with humans-our attention span these days is shorter than a goldfish.



  1. Get creative

Sooner or later your Facebook ad and/or audience will fatigue. You got to stay on top of your game. Thank you Mark for all the tools to make it easier for us to do so (and to make sure we never leave Facebook platform, like never...ever). 

We’re talking things like video marketing with its awesome retargeting opportunity. It also keeps people attention for longer & engages them (hello high relevance score) which FB likes to reward (hello cheap leads).

Facebook ‘Send Message’ campaigns - life-saver for all of those who suck at dialing (you do eventually will have to get over this though).  Get in conversation with your audience, show them you’re interested in HELPING them and get them in for trials. 

And then you’ve got your chatbots, interest targeting and many more ways to generate some quality leads...


  1. Build a community

You don’t want to just sell into your Irresistible Offer, you want to retain your clients. How? Community is your answer. In the era of digital communication, people are striving for a meaningful interaction. Creating FB support group for your clients, sharing testimonials, your clients’ before and after images - these are just the small pieces of the great opportunity community presence can create for your small business.


Just when you thought you’ve got all the answers, a bit of a tough truth for you - we are talking marketing here, these are a general rule of thumb kind of principles - so test, test & test! Implement these tips and find what your specific niche responds best to! For all the rest - you’ve got your awesome Think Tank team to assist. 😉


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