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Why listen to us...

I'll give you the abridged version.

RBT opened in 2011, we have opened over 20 gyms in 9 years, across 3 countries. We have run Online programs, Gym Programs, One on One PT, Fitness Retreats, Business Retreats alL over the worLD, thrown out clients out of planes in Portugal, gone diving with Great White Sharks in Hawaii, or Canyoning in Bali.

We have been a part of massive FitPro Events in Vegas for hundreds of PTs and some of the biggest names in Fitness speaking.

But RBT is at the centre of everything we do, it is our heart and soul, and it is a boutique style group training facility - it’s not a gym it is a Transformation Centre, it’s not a member base, it’s a family.

We don’t just coach YOU to run a Fitness Business we are still running our own.

We have been Coaching FitPros since 2012, all over the world, to right next door to our gyms, literally, knowledge is free accountability is what costs. We needed 256 members to make an RBT wildly profitable so we are more than happy to share what we know and guide you on the journey if you want to learn from our highs and our lows… but for the rest of you, here is just one of our hundreds of PDFs, or you can watch any one of our 1000s of YouTube videos, listen to our podcast, read our emails, follow us on Social Media, join our FREE Facebook group...


Knowledge is NOT power, APPLIED knowledge is power.


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