IOS 14 Facebook Update - How does it affect you & your business?

ios14 update Feb 03, 2021
As you’ve probably already noticed Facebook has released a (pretty vague!) statement about iOS 14 impact on Fb pixel. Do you have to worry about it at this stage? If you’re running lead gen ads a quick answer is - no. But there are a few things you have to be aware of:
  1. You must ensure you have a privacy policy page set up on your website and linked to your lead form. We’ve always emphasised this one but now it’s more important than ever.
  2. Going forward, apps will be required to get permission from users to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier. This may result in more people NOT giving Fb a permission to track their data which will impact Fb ads optimisation, targeting and tracking (across IOS mobile web ONLY).
  3. So, nothing changes for you, it is just there probably be LESS data available to Facebook. Remember that this is mobile only. If a user visits your website directly via desktop or clicks a link from...
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