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Your Ego is the Enemy [Season 2 - Ep11]

In this episode I breakdown how your ego is holding back your success, your growth, your gratitude and how in failure it can be your ultimate demise. Listen in and discover how to flip your ego and make it a weapon of power.

Creating your Greatest Year Ever [Season 2 - Ep10]

In this episode we look into creating an identity that makes it easier to create positive habits. How to set goals and become anti-fragile. Why WOOP is going to be the Key to your success… and much more.

23 Things I wish I knew before I opened 20 gyms [part 2] [Season 2 - Ep8]

The fastest way to get to success is to learn from the failures and wins from someone who has done it. The second part of this awesome podcast is here . Tune is and find out the final 12 of my 23 things I wish I knew before I opened 20 gyms. Mistakes, wins, and some deep learnings on who you need to be and how to show up to make sure you get the success you deserve.

23 Things I wish I knew before I opened 20 gyms [Part 1] [Season 2 - Ep7]

The fastest way to get to success is to learn from the failures and wins from someone who has done it.  Tune in and learn the first 11 lessons I’ve learned over the last 10 years of opening and running gyms.

7 Habits of Million Dollar Fit Pros [Season 2 - Ep4]

The fastest way to get success in business is to model those who are doing what you want to do. Over the last 8 years we have established from the clients we have coached to 7 figures and beyond 7 key habits. On this episode we delve into these habits and exactly how you can apply them.

5 Ways to add 100k into your Fitness Business [Season 2 - Ep3]

In this episode we discuss 5 tactics each that can bring 100k into your fitness business. We call the tactics: The Beta tester The Outreach Blueprint The Ambassador Strategy The Authority Method The Sauna cross sell story Tune in, enjoy and don't forget to share this with someone.

Pandemic. Getting your business back on course. Part 2 of 2 [Season 2 - Ep2]

Facebook ads, referrals, ambassador programs, outreach and how marketing is like picking up in a bar. Listen to this podcast multiple times and learn how to get 10-20 leads a month on autopilot into your business.

Pandemic. Getting your business back on course. Part 1 of 2 [Season 2 - Ep1]

In this episode we talked about Redefining your 2020 vision. Understanding how to deal with the uncertainty and push through to reach your goals for the back end of the year to make you feel like a success. We also touch on how to master your mind and overcome any of the negative thoughts that may be racing like a bull at a gate. Tune in and enjoy.

An Hour of Intense Conversation (With Martin Rooney - Special Guest) [Season 1 - Ep30]

Martin Rooney (founder of Training for Warriors) joins Trav for an in-depth discussion on the art of coaching, enthusiasm, communication and conversation. Check out Martin’s upcoming book “COACH TO COACH: An Empowering story about how to be a Great Leader” here:

Stephanie Sanzo [Special Guest] - The Travis Jones Show [Season 1 - Ep29]

What's it really like to have 1.6million Instagram followers? On this podcast, @stephaniesanzo shares how she has grown her influence over the years and what continues to drive her day to day.

How TJ Made 40grand in 60minutes (The Proper Way To Use Seminars) [Season 1 - Ep27]

Why Your Community + Members NEED You To Run More Seminars Listen to this episode on your phone or in the car if you're short on time! In this brand new episode, Trav walks through EXACTLY how to structure your seminars for maximum benefit for your gym and for your members. Regularly running educational seminars are so important regardless of what kind of fitness business you're running... and if you've tried doing seminars as part of a 6 Week Free Challenge, then you'll definitely need to listen to this.

Why You Need High "EQ" [Season 1 - Ep25]

Trav & Liam return after their week-long Gym Owner Retreat in Bali. EQ (a.k.a emotional intelligence) was a hot topic for the week because TJ considers it vital for any gym owner who wants to hit 7 figures. If you want 18 questions that will help you improve your own EQ we've posted this as a free download in our free Fit Pro Formula community facebook group. Just search Fit Pro Formula on facebook or go to

How to WIN in business when your partner is also your wife (With Liv Jones - Special Guest) [Season 1 - Ep24]

My wife and business partner Liv Jones have an interesting chat. We covered, working together, Communication, Goals, Race Horses and Their Paddock Buddies, Respecting each others time, How hard it is for some of our clients walking into their Partner's Business, doing the "Books", why boys will never do the dishes... and why women work harder than men!

Seek 'Education' and The Followers Will Come (With Mark Carroll - Special Guest) [Season 1 - Ep23]

Special guest interview where I ask Mark how he exploded his instagram and how he has become one of the go-to authorities as an online coach. His best tips include “being the worst trainer in the room” as well as willing to do the “unsexy” stuff that matters.

In depth with AJ Roberts [Special Guest Episode] [Season 1 - Ep21]

Go here if you want us to guarantee you 30 clients in 90 days.

How To Create RAVING Fans [Above & Beyond Customer Experience Strategies] [Season 1 - Ep20]

Trav and Liam talk about the small little things that make a BIG difference to the culture of your gym. It's a terrific episode full of practical tips you can start implementing straight away! And if you'd like us to personally help you get 30 new clients in the next 90 days just go to

TJ's Best Rules for Money, Success and Internal Peace (Part 1 of 2) [Season 1 - 17]

TJ turned 35 years old last week. And whilst he was running a sold-out fitness retreat in Bali he reflected on the 35 shifts that have allowed him to attract the money, success and internal peace he has now. We break down and dive deep into the most important ones... and discuss how you as a Gym Owner can use these mindset hacks to create success in your own life and business. Want personal help from Travis? Go to

Guest ep with Chris Brown: How To Make It EASY For People To Become High Paying Clients [Season 1 - Ep15]

Chris and I discuss the biggest mistakes we see gym owners making right now in 2019... and what to do instead to make it easy/effortless for you people to want to join your gym. We cover the best lead gen methods right now, the best selling systems and the best retention methods. Enjoy!

3 Gym Referral Methods That Actually Work! [Season 1 - Ep14]

Epic podcast as TJ shares how he brought in over 100 referrals in 14 days to his gyms earlier this year.

With Steve Krebs: How to step into greatness... [Season 1 - Ep13]

Steve Krebs and I discuss the simple strategies to move past self sabotage, step into the greatness you were born for and how to move into the HERO’s version of yourself. “Who you can be in life, you must be.” If you are ready to level up and grab your success tune into this episode of the Travis Jones podcast.

5 MUST-DO Laws of Leadership [Season 1 - Ep12]

How does Trav lead his multi-million dollar companies? Well if you enjoyed the last podcast then you'll LOVE the conversation here. It was a cracker!

From Standing On A Cliff to Now Being Unstoppable... Paul Mort Interview! [Season 1 - Ep10]

Paul Mort and I discuss the shockingly simple strategies he personally used to break free from anxiety. We also share how the same principles will help you smash through fear and allow you to create massive success in your business.

2019's Best Fitness Sales Secrets (Stop These Sales Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Thousands) [Season 1 - Ep8]

Want 30 new sales 100% guaranteed by my and my team? Go to PS. This episode covered so many important points we've made it REQUIRED LISTENING for all our high end mastermind clients.

With Luka Hocevar - How To Be A True Leader in 2019 [Season 1 - Ep6]

Luka is an author, strength/fitness/business coach (yes, all that), world traveler, life enjoyer (is that even a word?) and former pro-basketball player who is working on hooping consistently again. He runs Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in the USA.

Personal Reflections & How To Unlock Potential (With Liv Jones + Liam Donnelly) [Season 1 - Ep1]

Welcome to the first episode of the Travis Jones Show. Where in-depth conversations actually provide YOU with perspective and lessons from those that have walked the path you're currently on. In this episode TJ is joined by his two business partners Liv & Liam where they discuss The Biggest Lesson Learnt During RBT's Journey - What Commonly Goes Wrong When Gym Owners Try To Grow - Why it’s Important To Not Link Your Business To Your Identity - Why it’s So Important To Strive To Reach Your Potential - How Trying To Find Your Passion Will Ruin You - Travis' Transformation From Unconfident Introvert to Loud Yelling TJ! - Knowing If You're You An Amateur Or Athlete? - How Drawing A Line In The Sand Will Transform Your Business - Why Winning Isn’t About Working All The Time -

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